11/9/17 : I recently picked up a Line 6 Helix LT to replace my main pedalboard. I have to say this thing sounds amazing. The recent update added a Darkglass B7K Ultra clone and it sounds to my ears just about the same. Killer. Overall the Helix is a fantastic board! Check them out here:  Line 6 Helix LT


11/25/16 : I currently use 64 Audio U-Series IEM. Their new APEX technology has a rich full sound while reducing ear fatigue during shows. Check them out at the link above!

6/12/15 : COLD AS ICE was recognized by Foreigner as the #1 Foreigner Tribute Band and have their endorsement. As such, we were given the below plaque to commemorate the sale of over 1 Million copies of the "4" album. It was signed by the original 4 members on this album: Mick Jones, Lou Gramm, Dennis Elliot and Rick Willis. 

You can see this as well as Tour T-Shirts, Autographed Guitars and Signed Books from Lou Gramm at all our shows! Thank You, Lou Gramm & Foreigner for your support!

Click                    to be taken directly to the order page to get your copy today!

​​The career-spanning 2 CD SETH​​ compilation is now available at Minotauro Records! I was in SETH during 1980-1983 and recorded many epic songs including "Caught in a Trance" and "Race to Olympus" along with many unreleased material. Finally, all this great music is now available!!    

News & Events

On March 11, 2011, Japan’s Tohoku coastal region was devastated by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami. The months after these disasters brought to the forefront incredible stories of resilience and generosity as Japan quickly began recovery efforts.

Japan’s recovery is expected to take five years or more. With this in mind, Japan Society is working to gauge the long-term needs of those affected by the disaster with the goal of supporting organizations that will contribute to longer term recovery and reconstruction. 
One hundred percent of your tax-deductible contributions to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund go to organizations that directly help victims of the March 11th disaster.

Please contribute to: 
Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

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1/11/18 :  I received my new Dingwall Guitars NG-2 4 String Bass! The color is Purple Swirl and it looks amazing! Dingwall did an incredible job and the set up was perfect! Check out the pics and visit them on the link above! This thing is insane!!