My new 28"x18" pedalboard with ATA case came in from Brady Cases. Over the next few weeks the pedals off my existing board will move over (plus a few new ones) to complete this project! I will post updates as they come available. Here is the new board and case!!


Currently, Joe is performing with  COLD AS ICE  New England's

Premier Foreigner Tribute. Recognized by Foreigner and Lou Gramm and have their full endorsement. See NewsGigs pages 

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Joe Pettengill

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Joe has been an active musician for over 40 years. Having toured the eastern seaboard throughout his career, Joe has thousands of gigs under his belt. He has also recorded with many talented musicians along the way. Joe is proudly endorsed by Sadowsky Basses and Genz Benz Amplifiers and even though Joe's main instrument is Bass Guitar, he is also a talented Guitarist and Keyboardist. 

After a successful 3 year tour with Captured The Journey Show, Joe was a highly sought after gun for hire and could be found performing with various acts around the Greater Boston area.