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Rush Bassist, Geddy Lee is coming to Boston for his BBBoB Tour on the 18th. I will be there and finally meet one of my biggest influences. I first saw Rush back in 1978 and saw almost every tour after that. I am looking forward to meeting him and will post any photos from the signing!  

Joe Pettengill




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Joe bought his first bass guitar at the age of 11 and has been an active musician ever since. Having toured the eastern seaboard throughout his career, Joe has thousands of gigs under his belt. And, has recorded with many talented musicians along the way lending his talent on countless tracks and demos. Even though 
Joe's main instrument is Bass Guitar, he is also a talented Guitarist and Keyboardist. 

After successful tours with Captured The Journey Show and Cold As Ice The Foreigner Tribute, Joe was immediately contacted and hired to be the Bassist for  FOREIGNERS JOURNEY  The Premier Tribute to both Foreigner & Journey. 

Joe is proudly endorsed by Sadowsky Basses & Strings, Genzler Amplification, Keeley Electronics, Kirlin Cable and Temple Audio Templeboards.